Dec 09

The “Silent” Killer

Almost everyone in America knows a family member, friend or acquaintance, a person in ‘great physical condition,’ who suddenly falls dead to a heart attack, or suffers a crippling stroke ‘out of nowhere.’  Cardiovascular disease is often referred to as the “Silent” killer because the illness can begin and grow for decades, in some persons, without any symptoms being manifested.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Instittute, too often the first sign of CVD is sudden death.  The published numbers indicate that 50% of fatal heart attacks in men have no advance warning.  The danger is even higher for women: 64% of fatal heart attacks have no prior symptoms. Until most recently, the leading edge of cardiovascular medicine was unable to search into those areas where CVD often begins; in the arteries.

The Arterial Health Clinical Test package combines four diagnostic tests into one appointment to search beyond, into the arterial system and detect CVD at the advent or in the earliest developmental stages.