Nov 14

Women, Become Advocates in the Fight Against Your Number One Killer.

There are a couple great new ways you can become advocates for your health against the number one killer of women.

Women becoming proactive against heart disease by being active

The American Heart Association has partnered with Health eHeart to begin a study on Heart Disease.  Anyone over 18 can sign up here.  You may be asked to answer surveys, allow them to connect with your social media profile, enter data at home (such as your weight, blood pressure, etc.), download apps, receive and use cool new gadgets, visit a study center for tests, and let them know when you visit the doctor.  The desire is you will input data over a period of time, so Health eHeart can gather enough data to see trends in your health and lifestyle. The information is safe and secure. The study’s location is based at a University Hospital, so the information will only be used for clinical research.

Health eHeart is hoping to discover new and more accurate ways to predict heart disease, understand its causes, and potentially create personalized tools you can use yourself to help predict risk factors or when your risk factors are getting worse.  These goals would be amazing achievements in the fight against heart disease!  Wouldn’t you love to be a part of it?


Barbra Streisand is also speaking out on women’s heart disease.  She co-founded the Women’s Heart Alliance to help women educate themselves and become advocates in the fight against heart disease.

Only 56% of American women realize that heart disease is a greater health threat than all of the cancers combined.

The Women’s Heart Alliance recently started a campaign called Fight the Ladykiller to promote greater research and understanding of how heart disease affects men and women differently. The majority of heart-related studies are comprised of male participants (76%). Fight the Ladykiller encourages women to become advocates – talk to their health care providers, understand their risk factors, and get their hearts checked.

Check out this great, informative video featuring Barbra Streisand.

Prevention is key in the fight against heart disease.  Being aware of your risk factors is the first step.  Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease.  Though some risk factors are genetic, a lot of risk factors can be prevented or their impact reduced. Changing to a healthy diet, increasing exercise, and not smoking are tremendous steps towards a healthy heart.  It’s also important to have regular check ups with a medical professional.  They can be great advocates for you, too!  They also have access to cutting-edge diagnostic tests, such as those offered by Arterial Health’s team, to better assess your current condition and risk factors.

Be sure to share what you have learned regarding heart disease and prevention with others. Sharing knowledge and raising awareness is another great way to inform people about the disease that is killing one woman every minute!