About Us

Arterial Health International, LLC®, supports medical professionals by providing patients with a unique package of clinical diagnostic tests that comprise the most comprehensive evaluation for Cardiovascular Disease risk factors occurring in the arterial system.  The cost of CVD, in terms of lives lost, personal and family tragedy, and financial productivity, is staggering.  The time for technologies that can detect this killer in the earliest stage possible is now. Arterial Health is led by an experienced and capable management team:


Doug McMillan – Chief Executive Officer/Chief Doug McMillanFinancial Officer

Mr. McMillan holds a degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina, and has enjoyed a successful business career of over 40 years as a CFO and CEO of several southeastern companies, including a private distribution company with sales of $40 million and a public distribution company with sales of $160 million. Mr. McMillan is responsible for all overall corporate guidance, banking relationships and financial controls, and will oversee company accounting, tax and audit matters.





Neil Lansing – Chief Operating Officer/General Neil Lansing PictureCounsel

Mr. Lansing brings a wealth of experience in the areas of business development, finance and corporate management in a diversity of industries including investment management, venture capital, real estate and oil & gas, and has served as advisor to local and national clients such as JP Morgan, CalPERS, Mitsubishi Real Estate and SSR Realty Advisors.  Mr. Lansing most recently held the positions of Managing Member and General Counsel for Fortis Partners, LLC. Mr. Lansing received his J.D., cum laude, from Mercer University, his MBA from Georgia State University and his BBA from Oglethorpe University. Mr. Lansing is a member of the State Bars of Georgia, California and South Carolina.



Chris Cooper – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Mr. Cooper has over thirty years in professional sales and marketing, primarily in financial services, market research and strategy development, and business consulting. His marketing clients have included national companies in manufacturing, retail, technology and service categories.  He is responsible for all marketing strategy, development and management of advertising, collateral materials and the Company’s Internet program.  Mr. Cooper is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Organizational Communications.