Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my Doctor recommending this for me?

A: The tests are recommended for anyone at risk for stroke or heart attack due to physical attributes, age, lifestyle patterns, genetic or family history and desires to be sure their arterial system is fully-functioning and healthy.  Most people in the US know of a family member or friend who has died from an unexpected heart attack, or suffered a crippling stroke ‘out of nowhere.’  Some of those persons had received the acceptable standard of medical care prior to the fatal event.  These tests look into areas where cardiovascular danger may be building, but could be hidden until too late.

Q: But…I’m already doing/just had an EKG and stress test, etc.

A: The Arterial Health tests go well beyond current technology used in traditional EKG or stress tests. Those focus solely on the heart, while these look into the health and well-being of the entire artery system. Think of your heart as a pump and your arteries as the pipes that carry fluids.  If the pipes become clogged or otherwise unable to perform their function, the pressure on the pump increases and unless checked, can lead to failure.  Recent discoveries in the cardiovascular field have shown that good arterial health is critical to early prevention of conditions that can lead to a fatal heart attack or crippling stroke. Advances in blood analysis have yielded tremendous benefits in evaluating blood health; ie. cholesterol levels, and other critical CVD factors.

Q: Do I have to do anything special to prepare?

A: You do need to abstain from food or drink in the four (4) hours before the test, and any artificial stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee or cola drinks for eight (8) hours prior. You may continue taking necessary medications, but refrain from unnecessary ones such as Viagra or Cialis for twenty-four (24) hours prior.  Also, please wear a top (blouse, shirt, etc.) that allows for easy access to your neck.

Q: Where do I have to go?

A: Patients are tested in their physicians’ offices, unless notified differently.

Q: What exactly will be done?

EndoPat tests

A: First, there are 4 distinct scans performed, each targeting specific parts of the artery system. Two tests are conducted using an ultrasound machine on both sides of the neck. Others require using blood pressure cuffs on the arms, legs or fingertips.  You do not have to remove any clothing, although you may have to take off your shoes and socks. (It may be necessary to trim the fingernail on your index fingers to get a close fit and reliable results.)

The Advanced Blood Analysis does require drawing samples at this time.

Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex

Q: How long will this appointment take?

A: The tests are performed within a 60 minute appointment.

Q: What will it cost? What do I have to pay?

A: The tests qualify for most insurance, including Medicare and private insurance, as well as reimbursement from Health Savings Accounts (HAS’s) or Medical Expense Reimbursement Accounts. (MER) How much you would have to pay depends on your individual plan’s benefits and coverages.  Requirements for co-pays and deductibles from your individual policy would apply as with any other medical service.  Arterial Health’s Deductible Assistance Program is available if you have not met your annual deductible.


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