Chief Medical Officer:
Dr. Lee Marcus is Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of Arterial Health International, LLC. He is the President of and practices at Preventive Cardiology of New York, which he founded in 2015. He has been a leader in preventive cardiology with a strong emphasis on adapting to new effective technologies.
Dennis M. Goett, Chief Executive Officer: seasoned executive with expertise in governance, administration, finance, corporate development.
Henry Bonnell, Chief Operating Officer: operations specialist with deep roots and success in health care, operations, information technology and logistics.

Greg S. Goett, Corporate Counsel: successful attorney with a strong background in corporate and commercial law, compliance and regulatory issues. Previously served as a systems developer.

Ray Fulton, VP Investor Relations/Shareholder Communications:  experienced benefits management professional with strong communication skills and understanding of shareholders needs.

Dr. Lee Marcus​​