A Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Doctors

Physicans use EndoPat tests to detect cardiovascular disease.

Physicians prescribe the Arterial Health tests for those persons at risk for stroke or heart attack due to observed symptoms, physical attributes, age, lifestyle patterns, genetics or family history. Research has shown that these tests can detect risk factors for cardiovascular disease at very early stages so that preventive measures can be taken to avoid a tragic fatal heart attack or crippling stroke.

There are 4 distinct tests performed during the 60 minute appointment. (Plus the blood panel) Each test targets a specific part of the body’s artery system:

  • Carotid Duplex Study
  • Lower-Extremity Arterial Duplex Study
  • Carotid Intima-Media Thickness
  • EndoPat – Endothelial function assessment

Arterial Health provides RVS or RVT certified sonographers for these tests.  Technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment (Terason t3000 ultrasound machine/EndoPAT 2000) as well as simple tools such as blood pressure cuffs on the arms and/or lower legs, and a laptop computer with sophisticated software. Patients can relax quietly on a table, some even take a short nap.

Test results are returned to the prescribing physician for his/her review and analysis.  Physicians are compensated for providing interpretations of specific test results.  The tests may qualify for insurance reimbursement, including Medicare and private pay, as well as reimbursement from Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) or Medical Expense Reimbursement Accounts (MER).  Insurance plan co-pays and deductibles apply as with any medical service.

Arterial Health’s EHR systems are HIPAA-compliant, and the Interpretation Services Agreement is in accordance with all phases of Stark Law.

The Arterial Health tests go well beyond current technology that focuses solely on the heart by carefully evaluating the health and viability of the arterial system throughout the body.  Adding in a cutting-edge lipid panel makes this the most comprehensive early-detection diagnostic package for CVD in the industry.



Key Points on Endothelium Assessment

 Key Points for Physicians What is endothelial dysfunction? The pathological state known as endothelial dysfunction is the earliest clinically detectable stage of cardiovascular disease (which includes heart attacks, stroke, Peripheral Arterial Disease and many other diseases). The functioning of the endothelial cells – endothelial function – is normally kept in balance. Atherosclerosis risk factors such …

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